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I reviewed several suits before purchasing a new one - Sparco, Simpson, Gforce (was replacing a Gforce) as well Pyrotech. I looked at the suits folks around me had as well as online reviews and prices. Despite not being able to get a hold of a ProRace to compare in hand, I went with it because of the attentive response to my questions from Dane at Bergman Racing Supply, as well as the pricing and description.

I've not been let down. The construction is outstanding, the fit and finish are great. Some of the other things I like are the cuffs feel snugger, yet more comfortable, the suit is a bit lighter than other 3 layers I've been around, , the zipper feels so much more solid. It has this quilted look which just seems neater.

My brother, who recently bought another brand of suit, wishes he had waited to buy a ProRace.


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