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Last Review Posted TFS Stage 1 Camshaft TFS-51402000
To start off I am going to state that these results were from my combination which means that they may not be exactly the same for everyone.

First we will start with my engine specs(other than cam):
89 HO Roller Block
Fully Ported E7 Heads (Stock Int Valve/1.55 Exhaust)
Hedman Shorty Headers w/ 2.5\" X-Pipe, then dumps
1.7 FRPP Roller Rockers
Weiand Action Plus Intake
Carter 625 Carb
AOD w/ 2500 Stall

Most research that I had done yielded people\'s number one complaint with a non-stock camshaft as being the loss of low-end torque. This is not the case with the TFS Stage 1 cam. I was expecting it to perform as well or worse than what the stock cam did on the low end. This is the exact opposite of what the results really were. The low end picked up greatly and everywhere throughout the entire RPM range picked up also. The motor now pulls easily to about 6,000RPM where before it would die off around 5,400 or so. The car will now absolutely blow the tires off instead of a tiny slippage that was present before with the stock cam. I even tried running a larger size 245/50/16 pair of Futura GTX IIs and it still slaughtered them.
I never had a concern with traction before, but now it has jumped to the top of the list.

One would figure that with such a great power increase drivability would go down. This is just not the case with my combination now. There is no bucking or surging at any rpm and everything is as smooth as can be. I have not had a chance to calculate gas milage, but it does not appear to have taken any large hit. The engine also does not have a problem starting up in the morning and staying running.

I would recommend the TFS Stage 1 cam to anyone who has motor specs similiar to mine or to someone who is looking for a fail-safe performance cam for a rather small amount of money.

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