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I just put a C&L MAss Airflow intake system on my 2005 Mustang GT. It is the only mod I have installed so far. I also received poor performance until I realized the Diablosport Preditor did not come with the C&L MAF tune installed. I had to download it from Diablosport.com. After I installed this tune the performance increase was noticable. I made 6 quarter mile runs with and without the C&L intake installed and here is the AVERAGE of those runs:

1/4 Mile time: 13.75
1/4 Mile Speed: 103.10
0-60: 5.55
MAX HP: 290

1/4 Mile Time: 13.32
1/4 Mile Speed: 107.70
0-60: 4.82
MAX HP: 344

To me, those increases are significant and I can feel them when I press the accelerator.

My question to you, crdshrp, is : did you install one of the default Preditor tunes or did you install the one labeled \"C&L MAF\"? (May need to download from diablosport.com)

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