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Performance Filters

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The only reason that I give this product a poor rating and won't recommend it is because I bought it for my "stock" '86 GT Hatchback.

After installation, I did not notice any improvement in performance, nor did I notice any improvement in gas mileage (while on long trips).

I even was able to dyno test the Mustang. I had a dyno test before any modifications were ever made to the car. The modification that I made was the removal of the air silencer. I dyno'd the 'Stang with the K & N filter installed then with a paper filter. The paper filter had better numbers than the K & N filter, but only by a small amount.

I am sure that if I had modified the car with a cold air kit, bigger throttle body, worked the heads, and improved the exhaust, that a K & N filter would have made an improvement.

If the car is in "stock" form, I would not recommend spending the money on the K & N filter. If the car has been modified and upgraded, yes, a K & N filter would benefit you.

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