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Last Review Posted Painted Mirror Inserts for 2005/2007 Mustang
I wanted to give my review on these. I was on the pre-production list to get these. I got them last Saturday (paid for them on Thurday afternoon, fast shipping).To let you all know, these are fantastic. The paint match is spot-on perfect. Takes all of 10 minutes to install. Easy directions, and easy install. As you can see, I work at a Ford dealer, and my co-workers said these look like they were factory made. These are that good. <br /><br />
The price I got them for did include shipping, but again, I was on the early list, and that was part of the deal that was going on with another Mustang site I am associated with. Alot of us there had thoughts of painting the mirrors, but it won't work, as the plastic isn't smooth (you'll still see the texture in the paint), and some even have had issues of their painted mirrors craking, This is the best way to dress up the dull looking mirrors. IMHO, this is one of the best "must have" exterior mods that are available today. And to let you know, if you get these, and you have any issue, Midwest will stand behind it and be there for you. Get these, they are that good.

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