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Last Review Posted SLP " LOUD MOUTH " 1999-04 Mustang GT / MACH I
I recently purchased an 06 GT. There were 2 to chose from. I started mine ( The one I brought) and wondered why it sounded so healthy. The dealer said they were "stock". Well, we started the other GT and it sounded nothing like the one I purchased. As I examined the exhaust system when I got home, I saw the letters SLP on the tips. Further investigation revealed that they are the SLP Loud mouth 2! There is nothing sweeter than listening to that pony idle. Start it up in a crowd, or leave a stop light, and "you" become the stoplight..:) These produce the greatest sounds! Definitely glad I didn't drive the other GT first. What could be the difference between the 2, I thought. WRONG! SLP Is the difference.

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