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499 Beyond Black Tire Pro Spray

Last Review Posted Ultrashield Car Cover
My husband bought this car cover for my Pony for Christmas and I have to say, we were both grossly disappointed. For starters, the cover wasn't soft and flexible... it was hard and quite difficult to maneuver. The cover I have currently was 1/2 the price, new, and much better in quality. Elastic doesn't go all the way around the bottom - and there are two plastic grommets that are exposed when you are rolling the cover over your car - they will scratch. In addition, there is a black plastic latch to cross over and latch for extra windy days... well, the problem is: you unroll the cover over the car and the plastic latch will unravel and chip your paint, no doubt. All in all, this is a poorly designed car cover. I am not sure they actually tested this before they manufactured it... I would not recommend this cover for any car or truck... You'll be very disappointed.

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