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MU Tremec 3650

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Ever since I've owned my car, the main comfort issue was adjusting the seat to allow operating the clutch smoothly and yet be able too shift without reaching so far for 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears. I was set on getting a S/T shifter to help with the 2 to 3 gear miss problem, but figured a shorter shift may worsen my comfort issue. I was dead set on either the Pro 5.0 or the Tri-ax for my TR3650, but heard about the MGW shifter online and in MM&FF mag. It seemed to have better features than the other two and since the price finally came down (alot I think) I ordered it. The detailed instructions which included pics made the install a breeze. MGW included the 3/16 hex wrench and even RTV sealant to finish the job. After installed, I took it for a drive and adjusted the direction I prefered the lever for easy shifting. I can now set my seat back further and still not stretch to reach gears, and my arms aren't very long, so this shifter should suit anyone. This shifter is firm and provides a more positive shift than I could've imagined. Overall, I feel that MGW has made the best shifter in its class, and is worth every penny. If Looking for a shifter, I'd recommend MGW.

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