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While i never had a actual problem with the tranny, their "complete swap kit" was a mess. I didnt get the fork with the tranny they had to send that seperatly when i realized it was missing. That of course happened after my old tranny as all out. The new tranny mounts are kinda shady. And the damn thing sound like complete ass at idle. The gear roll over noise was so loud i could here it in the car, out of the car, at my door, in the store. Untill you push in the clutch the tranny sounds like a diesel motor. The gear wine alone made me never want to drive my car again. I wouldnt recommend this on my worst enemy. When i called them for support on this they said its very common. Common or not it irritates the hell outta me. Then to send it back to them to look at it and or repair/replace i would have to pay for shipping there and they would ship back. I could not do this as i would then have to pay to pull the tranny out, pay to store the car, pay to ship back. Hell that was almost the price of the tranny. Needless to say i sold the car and ordered a 2004 Mach 1. Do not buy this. The 6 speed was completly useless. at 5 gear 3 grand i was running i belive 90 in my 5 speed, in 6th gear at 3 grand i was doing 90 as well. Save the money and the hassle of cutting and drilling to put this in, buy ya a good tremec 5 spd.

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