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Aerospace Protectant

Last Review Posted Brake Dust Shields
I had seen these online and decided to order two pairs of them. I really love how effective these are at shielding brake dust from my rims. I ran my rims a year without these installed on my car, and wow, polishing the rims was becoming second nature. When I got the shields I painted them first then installed them after I had polished my rims. Doing my normal daily driving that I do brake dust before installation would be noticeable by the end of a day and worse at the end of a week. After the install, I polished two times last year. Once when I put them on and the second was when I swapped to my winter wheels. My habit of washing my car would take care of the light build up off with no elbow grease!!! Cost was about $40.00 a pair.:bigthumbsup

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