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Last Review Posted 1986-1993 5.0L Mustang SSI-Series Intake Manifold
I have experienced similiar issues with the new BBK SSI intake as others posted. First the fuel rail cross over is a very poor design and it must be removed, tapped and plugged. Then add a flex line across the rails at the rear. Second the spacer between the upper and lower plenum has an alignment problem leading to sealing problems. This can be fixed by filing to properly aligne. Third and most important is the sealing problem at the heads. Due to the minimal amount of metal at the top of the ports there will be sealing problems if you try to mount to anything other than stock cylinder heads. I am using GT40X heads with taller ports and there is not enough metal contact at the top to properly seal the gasket. This new intake from BBK looks fantastic and was tested to outperform many others currently on the market - BUT BBK introduced this product before it was properly tested in real world applications. Their corrective action should certainly be a redesign and better quality control. This intake has the potential to be in front of the pack if improved. If considering purchasing this product be informed!!

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