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Last Review Posted SLP " LOUD MOUTH " 1999-04 Mustang GT / MACH I
I bought this SLP Loudmouth cat back system recently for my 2004 Mustang GT 40th Ann. Edition (THe Crimson Red w/ the 2 Goldish stripes running down the middle). I installed it on March 18th. Before I bought it I did tons of reading up on the latest cat back exhaust reviews everywhere I could find. Lots of people said these are the loudest you can get. So I said sweet, I want people to here me coming, and I ordered them. But I still did some more reading up and I found that some people said they the SLPs sounded like crap, or sounded like a fluching toilet. I was scared to install them once I read that. But I installed them anyway. AND I AM GLAD I DID. THEY SOUND FREEKIN AWSOME! I was expecting them to sound like straight pipes, but they didn't. They are a little louder than stock on idle, but gets way louder as the revs get higher. The Loudmouths kept a decent enough deep tone and a throaty all at once. I love reving my exhaust at rice I see on the streets. I bet the &#^$ there pants when I do. Those sound clips on the internet of this exhaust do not do it justice, those mics the people use can only handle so much Decibles before it destorts the sound, take the best sounding clip you found of these and multiply how much you like the sound by 10. TWO THUMBS UP.

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