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I replaced a cheap stock aftermarket radiator when it began to leak after many years of service. The Howe 342EF from Summit Racing is much lighter and infinitely better looking. Have no doubt, this is a no BS, heavy duty racing radiator at a great price. I have yet to find a condition that will put it above 210 degrees (180 degree thermostat) although I have not used it on an open track event yet with continuous full throttle.

The 342EF is the widest that will fit into a Fox Mustang and it is a tight fit at the bottom of the radiator support which should be clearanced so as to not wear the lower corners of the end tanks. The 342A28F is 3 inches narrower and should drop in no problem. As mentioned in the cons, the inlet (1.50\") & outlet (1.75\") don\'t match factory size (1.25\" inlet & 1.5\" outlet) so I could not use factory hoses and had to buy a flex metal hose kit from Summit for $100 to get it to work. Even at a total cost of $300 from Summit, it is still a bargain and the flex hose and fittings look killer.

Got Heat? Get Howe!!

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