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I bought a fox-body hood from them back in 2001. I had it shipped straight to the body shop, so I didn't actually see it before it was painted, but the shop did tell me they had to shave it a little, etc to get a proper fit. My understanding, right or wrong, is that that is fairly typical of getting a fiberglass hood, but I could be mistaken. I still have that hood on the car, and its in the same condition as it was the day I get the car back from the shop. From outside the car, it looks great - no complaints. The paint is flaking off the under-side, but I attribute that to the body shop, not Cervini's. I have no other experience to compare them against, but all-in-all, I have no complaints. All that said, 'NoSlow5oh' isn't the first one I've heard have disparaging comments about them...

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