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5.0L Blowzilla Supercharger by Kenne Bell
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Description: If you plan on building a nice combination to run 6-9 psi on 92-94 octane, we highly recommend our Number 1 selling 1500 (1.5L) supercharger. It is rated at 450HP. The BLOWZILLA 2200 (2.2L) supercharger is recommended for higher boost levels (6-18 psi). Larger screw rotors raise the HP potential to 675! Standard practice is to run 6-8 psi for everyday driving and then up the octane, boost - and HP - for the weekends or racing. Truly, the best of both worlds. Every 1 psi = 10-15HP. Also great for big inch 347", 351" etc. Available in 2 basic models for '86-'93 and '94-'95 Mustangs.
Standard Inlet w/Bypass - Great or 6-18 (375HP/560 cfm) 5.0 or GT40 with 80-90mm mass air meter and 70mm throttle body. Will make 460 engine (360 rear wheel) HP but loses horsepower through inlet (see "Rear Wheel HP Comparison" below).
FLOWZILLA Inlet w/Bypass - The choice for maximum performance (up to 675HP) because of unrestricted FLOWZILLA inlet. Must use 80-90mm mass air meter and 70-75mm throttle body for optimum results i.e. minimum inlet restriction.

To compliment the larger BLOWZILLA, we offer the ultimate inlet manifold - FLOWZILLA! There is no easier way to increase the efficiency and horsepower output of the Twin Screw than to reduce the inlet restriction. Air flow is everything (1HP = 1.5 cfm). At some point, any and all components need to be upgraded if they are not to restrict engine breathing at increased HP levels.
Our "standard" inlet manifold was originally designed to support around 300 rear wheel/375 engine HP with virtually no HP loss - and it does. However, for higher HP/greater air flow (+1000 cfm) applications, the BLOWZILLA inlet is virtually restriction free. It flows a whopping 50% more air. A bypass is necessary to circulate the additional air produced by the BLOWZILLA when not in boost as the

Twin Screw is always pumping at full capacity, even at idle. That is why the full instant boost is always there - on demand.

At 328 RWHP, the FLOWZILLA is good for +8HP. At 361, it's +30HP and at 403, it makes +43HP (see actual tests by magazine). The FLOWZILLA and BLOWZILLA make an awesome combination.

675HP rating. 6-18 psi boost.
50% greater air flow.
Accepts up to 90mm throttle body.
Integral bypass valve.
Completely assembled. Ready to bolt on.
Polished or satin/black.
No EGR but external can be fabricated for 50 State Legal.
GT40 discharge manifolds only.

How well does the new Kenne Bell BLOWZILLA/FLOWZILLA work? Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Editor Richard Holdener recently tested the Kenne Bell BLOWZILLA/FLOWZILLA kit on his own engine with the Westech engine dyno. The little 302 had #185 AFR heads, Comp Cams #274 cam, 75mm throttle body, 77mm mass air, Kenne Bell Switch Chip and 42 lb injectors. The combination made an amazing 508HP at 9.2 psi and 484 at 7.5 psi with a pavement ripping flat torque curve (453-483 ft lbs). 483 ft lbs @ 4000 rpm. That's 500" engine torque numbers. The boost never varied or dropped off from 2500 up - and there was another 9 psi left in the supercharger.

Note: For optimum results with FLOWZILLA manifolds use F5001 ('86-'93) or F5002 ('94-'95) 90mm Mass Air Meter/Inlet Assembly (90mm, 3.5" piping, 3-1/2"x12" long filter and 3-1/2"x3-1/4" throttle body adaptor.

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Pros: Low end torque, ease of installation, instant boost, sound
Cons: High end power, accessibilty to plugs & header, no intercoolers available

1994 Mustang GT with GT40 lower intake & Blowzilla standard blowing @ 9 psi. I like my Blowzilla a lot and would recommend it to every street racer. I wish if an intercooler was available for it. I'd also like to try Vortech or ProCharger to feel the difference.
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