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Last Review Posted by Tyneddelt - posted: 12/26/2012 11:28am [ Post a Review

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I got the 6000K head light and fog light kit. Only problem that I had was no instructions in the box they are online. When you get both fog and head lights there is no discrimination between the two sets. Awesome lights, really easy to install. The 05 mustang is known to have battery problems so when installing keep it on a charger or turn it on when testing the lights.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "2005-2009 Mustang HID Headlight Conversion Kit" by StangMods - posted: 9/30/2008 - Rating: ********* 9.00

Last Review Posted by whitesnake97PA - posted: 8/24/2012 8:23am [ Post a Review

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S-type cat-back for a 2012 GT. had it waiting for me the day i got the car. researched and this seemed like the best one. no drone, and she runs like a champion. great choice if you can afford it, no doubt about it. can be subtle if you try, but when you get on it is just so deep and VERY smooth sounding. downshifting it cracks and sounds like a muscle car should.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Cat-Back Exhaust System" by jc315 - posted: 6/30/2004 - Rating: ********* 8.75

Last Review Posted by ekel - posted: 6/28/2012 11:06am [ Post a Review

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Anything Flaming River offres is worth the money. I have both this shaft and the quick ratio manual rack in my 85 GT. Unbeliveable improvement in road feel, a little heavy but worth every bit of effort next to the factory power steering. As far as the suspension I have Griggs. ONE WORD OF ADVICE dont buy Griggs. THEY SUCK(the company not the product)they never answer the phone, never return calls,never return emails,just buy my very pricey product and go away. A nightmare setting this up with lots of BAD advice. To be honest about the whole thing it was MAXIUM MOTOR SPORTS that finaly pointed us in the right direction and got it set up right. Call them ,a GREAT bunch of guys,they did not have to help me at all however went out of there way to help and got it fixed.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "High Performance Steering Shaft" by AFM Staff - posted: 8/20/2003 - Rating: ********** 10.00

Last Review Posted by 075581 - posted: 6/13/2012 12:23am [ Post a Review

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great product really made my 2001gt handle so much better

Rating: 9
Product Details: "1994-2004 Mustang Heavy Duty Front Struts" by StangMods - posted: 3/28/2010 - Rating: ********* 9.00

Last Review Posted by BRYAN_93LX - posted: 4/12/2012 2:51am [ Post a Review

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I had these longtubes on 92 gt for 10 years. Had them with a bbk o/r X pipe with flowmasters. They sounded great. I had to tighten the bolts up a few times. One time one of the bolts backed all the way out. I would get the locking header bolts with longtube headers.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "1 5/8" Long Tube Headers" by BrothersPerformance - posted: 9/28/2003 - Rating: ****** 6.17

Last Review Posted by Ninety5oh - posted: 4/9/2012 4:47pm [ Post a Review

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I bought a fox-body hood from them back in 2001. I had it shipped straight to the body shop, so I didn't actually see it before it was painted, but the shop did tell me they had to shave it a little, etc to get a proper fit. My understanding, right or wrong, is that that is fairly typical of getting a fiberglass hood, but I could be mistaken. I still have that hood on the car, and its in the same condition as it was the day I get the car back from the shop. From outside the car, it looks great - no complaints. The paint is flaking off the under-side, but I attribute that to the body shop, not Cervini's. I have no other experience to compare them against, but all-in-all, I have no complaints. All that said, 'NoSlow5oh' isn't the first one I've heard have disparaging comments about them...
Product Details: "Body Components" by ScottHalliday - posted: 5/20/2003 - Rating: * 1.00

Last Review Posted by swede99 - posted: 3/16/2012 6:16pm [ Post a Review

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Hi. Does this intake fit an '04 Cobra SVT? Thanks, Dave
Product Details: "FIPK II 57-2519-3 Cold Air Intake" by mbhmustang1998 - posted: 9/27/2005 - Rating: ********* 9.33

Last Review Posted by rikb53 - posted: 3/13/2012 9:01pm [ Post a Review

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got my 2012/5.0 premium from planet ford & this is their 1st roush install. before this they were Ford Racing & Magnusen only. they highly touted this supercharger & i had read enough to know Roush has a good reputation for performance and quality. personally i'm afraid to change out the bottom pulley to anything but the 90mm stock install. i get to 145mph so quickly now - i'd hate to pop a rod & be looking for a crate engine replacement. seriously this is a excellent product & i'm sure that you can find a cheaper installer than i had, but they did a lot of other things to the car besides the roots install including some suspension adjustments & they did a awesome multi layer coat of clear coat over the body and swear it's back and approved by ford... but bottom line, for me, i'm totally happy w/ the roush.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "R2300 TVS Supercharger System" by TillmanSpeed - posted: 2/7/2010 - Rating: ********** 10.00

Last Review Posted by GTRS - posted: 2/19/2012 6:12pm [ Post a Review

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Like I said. Great:)

Rating: 9
Product Details: "2V 4.6L Mustang Trueflow Intake Plenum" by BlueStreak03 - posted: 9/18/2005 - Rating: ******** 8.00

Last Review Posted by GTRS - posted: 2/19/2012 6:11pm [ Post a Review

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Aquafab TB came in the kit that I got from C&L. Loved it. Great gain, great customer service with highly knowledgeable stuff. I would certainly recommend C&L products!

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Trueflow intake system" by geac4400 - posted: 11/4/2005 - Rating: ********** 9.50

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