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P-1SC Stage II Supercharger Kit w/3-Core Intercooler for 1999-2002 Mustang by Procharger
posted by Ron

These revolutionary new SC ProCharger models are the first and only gear-driven centrifugal superchargers to feature self-lubrication. The SC models share many of the design e ...
8467 None No reviews
PD Mustang Supercharger by Powerdyne
posted by Ron

Each Powerdyne Centrifugal Supercharger Kit is thoroughly engineered for an easy, trouble-free installation. Every component is designed for a precision bolt-on fit, and all n ...
15962 4.00 3 reviews
Novi 1200, 64 to 68 Mustang by Paxton
posted by Ron

Horsepower gains, depending on boost level, engine volumetric efficiency and other factors, range from 30% to more than 75% Paxton gear driven NOVI 1200 supercharger for un ...
7965 None No reviews
2003 GT Mustang Supercharger system by Vortech
posted by Ron

The V-2 SQ S-Trim supercharger will increase horsepower from 260 to 364 and torque from 302 lb./ft. to 364 lb./ft. at 7-9 psig at the flywheel. All components needed to bol ...
43189 None No reviews

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