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1.7L Twin Screw Supercharger for 1999+ Mustang GT by Kenne Bell
posted by BlueStreak03

Complete super charger kit with intake manifold, blower, injectors, boost a pump, intercooler, reservoir, tune and all mounting and installation hardware. 1.7L unit is good f ...
10789 10.00 1 reviews
4.6L - Prochamber Catalytic H-Pipe System by MAC
posted by BlueStreak03

MAC's new patent pending PRO CHAMBER has just obsoleted the competition's H-pipe technology. Split (one each side) manifolds or exhaust headers on any engine need to be balanc ...
4167 None No reviews
4.6L - Stainless Steel Catback System by MAC
posted by BlueStreak03

The NEW MAC Catback system is designed for the 96-04 GT Mustangs and also 99-04 Cobras. It is 100% stainless steel throughout. Featuring MAC's own Flowpath mufflers this s ...
5985 9.00 1 reviews
1996-03 Mustang Hi-Flow 70mm Throttle Body by Ford Racing
posted by BlueStreak03

A better throttle body for your Mustang! This hi-flow throttle body features a 70mm bore that flows approximately 10 percent more air than the production throttle body, provid ...
5228 9.00 1 reviews
2V 4.6L Mustang Trueflow Intake Plenum by C&L
posted by BlueStreak03

C&L offers a unique product that is sure to excite owners of 1996 to present 2 valve 4.6L Mustang vehicles. C&L's development and testing for this product reveiled everyone w ...
5907 8.00 2 reviews

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