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499 Beyond Black Tire Pro Spray by Surf City Garage
posted by JudisStang

Makes tires look brand new without the drippy, icky oily junk. If you are looking for a change from your current tire gel give 499 Beyond Black Tire Pro Spray a try. Produc ...
4328 None No reviews
Dash Away Interior Detailer by Surf City Garage
posted by JudisStang

I highly recommend Dash Away for interior cleaning... It cleaned our white vinyl boot for the vert back to bright white!!! An excellent product. My letter to Surf City Gara ...
6435 None No reviews
Wet Obsession by Obesessive Detail
posted by JudisStang

What they say: Wet Obsession leaves a very slick surface making it hard for contaminants and dust to stick to the paint. Wet Obsession adds great protection against bird drop ...
3985 None No reviews
Optimum Leather Protectant by Optimum
posted by JudisStang

What it says it does: Optimum Leather Protectant is another innovative product from OPT that cleans, restores, and protects leather surfaces, vinyl surfaces, and moldings. Opt ...
3790 None No reviews
Obsessive Detail Light Polish by Obesessive Detail
posted by JudisStang

Light Polish is supposed to revive old paint, add more shine and reflection and cleans the paint. Can be applied by hand or machine... I am thinking machine is probably best.. ...
3549 None No reviews
FIPK Cold Air Intake Kit CAI by K & N
posted by JudisStang

For my birthday, my husband, Garry, who lovingly puts up with my Mustang addiction, bought me a CAI that doesn't require a tune from American Muscle. If you haven't seen an ...
4647 9.00 1 reviews
Turtle Wax Ice Spray Detailer by Turtle Wax
posted by JudisStang

I purchased this product because I wasn't completely happy with Maguires Instant Detail when I went to prep my car yesterday... It looked a bit drab - I dropped by autozone an ...
6088 9.33 3 reviews
Clay Bar System by Mothers
posted by JudisStang

Mothers California Gold clay bar paint saving systems was created to remove debris and contaminants that washing and polishing can't. They include a clay bar to pick up debris ...
7191 10.00 2 reviews
Trim Restorer by Poorboy
posted by JudisStang

Trim Restorer is a long lasting unique dressing, with a patented UV absorber for ultimate protection of exterior and interior surfaces. Restorer is unmatched on grained trim, ...
7714 10.00 1 reviews

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