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Standard Subframe Connectors by Maximum Motorsports
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Description: Maximum Motorsports’ subframe connectors are welded to the bottom of the unibody, connecting the front and rear subframes and supplying more structure than is provided by the floor pan. This increased structure reduces the amount of bending and twisting in the chassis. MM subframe connectors securely weld to the front and rear subframes of your Mustang. (Bolt-on connectors do not work because the bolts cannot be properly tightened due to the lack of structure in the car’s subframes.)

Our standard subframe connectors are made of 1” x 2” rectangular tubing, with .120” wall thickness - over 40% stiffer than other well-known brands. Rectangular tubing provides more weld area, as well as increased ground clearance, compared to round tubing. We seal the tubing by welding on end caps to prevent them from rusting from the inside out. The MM connectors have a cross brace used to reinforce the crack-prone area of the floor pan where the seats attach. Our connectors are custom shaped to hug the floor pan of your Mustang for maximum ground clearance.

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