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K-Member 79-02 by Maximum Motorsports
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Description: We spent over two years optimizing our K-Member, both on the track and on the computer. The result is that the front of your car will corner like nothing else youíve experienced. Unlike other K-Members on the market, strength, stiffness, and durability are given a higher priority than ultra-low weight so that your investment will last the life of your vehicle.

What makes our K-Member unique:

Our K-Member lengthens the wheelbase 3/4", which improves the front/rear weight distribution and increases caster.
We optimized the vertical location of the control arm pivots. This improves the camber curve on lowered vehicles and improves the roll center height.
Our K-Member offers two different vertical locations for the control arm pivots, allowing you to choose the one thatís best for your carís ride height.
We optimize the location of the steering rack for the greatest improvement in Ackerman steering geometry, which helps reduce understeer and tire wear.
After extensive testing of anti-dive, we determined that Ford got it right! The stock amount of anti-dive is best, and that is what we built into our K-member.
Our K-Member allows 5.0 engines to be set back one inch.
The MM K-Members are modular, allowing 5.0 engines to be installed in 96+ cars, or modular engines to be installed in pre-96 cars.
Increased oil-pan clearance for all aftermarket oil-pans means oil-pan service is easier.
Header clearance is increased by over 1" in critical areas.
Easier access to the starter motor.
Pre drilled plumb bob holes for easy and accurate squaring of the K-member to the car.
The factory Ford K-Members weigh on average 50lb. The MM K-Member weighs 36lb.

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