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Traclink Traction kits by Global West
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Description: Traclink Traction kits for 1979-99 with 8.8 rear ends.

The Traclink system not only provides immediate bolt-on performance but it also does not
sacrifice ride comfort. The Traclink allows all rear end movement to be free from binding.
Suspension bind is a major factor relating to ride comfort and performance, something which
other traction devices will compromise.

By design the Traclink system works in two modes: Braking and Acceleration

Features and benefits:

Reduces nose dive during braking.
Increases sidebite on corner exit acceleration.
Reduces wheelhop.
Increases rear suspension travel on lowered vehicles.
Zero ground clearance lost.
No interference with rear stabilizer bar.
Allows softer rear spring to be used for improved ride quality.
Provides more traction in wet weather.
Eliminates the need for the factory quad shock,which allows wider rear tires to be used.
Dramatically improves traction and provides neutral handling when accompanied
with a Stage 4 Global West suspension package.
Mounts in rubber.
Suitable for street,drag,or road racing.
Bolt in system .

Notice the long beam in the center of the picture. This beam attaches at the transmission crossmember and extends to the rear bulk head where the torque plate attaches. The forward beam is necessary in order to provide the proper pickup point for the torque arm.
A drive line safety loop attachment bracket is also installed on the beam for easy safety loop installation.
Aluminum drive shafts will clear the forward beam and no ground clearance is lost.

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