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5-Link Suspension by Steeda
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Description: Steeda's 5-Link supension system; the ultimate rear suspension for your Mustang.The 5-Link is the ultimate no-compromises racing suspension. It provides maximum traction and cornering ability yet is very stable and forgiving at the limit.

The 5-Link corrects the factory suspension's inefficient lateral axle control, poor anti-squat geometry, rear-steer problems and excessive pinion angle changes caused by the short, angled upper control arms. The 5-Link's parallel 12" arms almost double the effective length of the 9" factory upper arms. The longer arms make the suspension more stable over bumps and through corners. Adjustable anti-squat (instant center) geometry lets you choose between 50% and 65% anti-squat for maximum traction and reduced brake dive.

The 5-Link's adjustable panhard bar (the lateral, or "Fifth" link) corrects the high 16" factory roll center height with a roll center height that's adjustable from 8 to 12 inches. The unique sliding mechanism allows infinite adjustment increments for easy fine tuning of roll center height and cornering grip. The panhard bar is made from 4130 chrome-moly alloy steel for high strength and minimum weight. The 41" long panhard bar (the longest available) gives minimal lateral displacement and maximum stability. The 5-Link is SCCA American Sedan legal. No parts hang below the differential, avoiding the ground clearance problems found with torque arms. The 5-Link requires use of side-exit or turn-down exhaust system.

Special high rate rear springs are recommended for road racing, and standard Steeda sport or competition front springs should be used as well. For drag racing the 5-Link can be used with stock or drag springs.

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