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Watts link for 65-73 Mustangs by Fays2 Suspension
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Description: The only Watts Link made exclusively for 1965 through 1973 Mustangs and Cougars
Developed on the track under racing conditions
Mustang road racing started for me in 1974 and I spent years chasing the inherent problem of leaf spring cars. Look closely at the axle and spring suspension set up on your vintage Mustang or Cougar and you will see that it is designed similar to a back yard swing. With the leaf springs anchored at the front and back only, the axle housing is allowed to swing side to side. Imagine what happens to the suspension geometry when you go hard into a corner or get into a threshold braking situation approaching one G with a 2800 to 3600 lb. car. The shocks, springs and tires are giving you an oversteer/understeer condition as you go through the corner. Even the best spring and shock upgrades will not be working at their maximum. Moving up from an A-sedan Mustang to a GTO class, IMSA car, I experienced first hand what a properly controlled suspension does for lap times. When I started Vintage Racing my 1966 coupe, the fast Mustangs were running one-off Watts Links. To be competitive and withstand the demands of Vintage Racing, track days and autocross, I started FAYS2 Suspension and designed my own Watts Link.

The F2S Watts Link lowers your Mustangs roll center and helps keep your handling response symmetrical in both left and right cornering. Because the F2S Watts Link keeps the axle centered under the car, the rear of the car now follows the front suspension rather than fighting it. We chose to mount the F2S Watts Link propeller to the chassis so the cars roll center and center of gravity do not change in relation to each other. This relationship is known as roll couple and has a great effect on your Mustangs handling under cornering, braking and acceleration.

The F2S Watts Link uses 3/4 inch, 22,000 lb. static radial load, molly rod ends with PTFE liners and anodized 1.125 aluminum arms. The propeller is machined from billet aluminum with two 3/4 inch center bearings and is mounted on a .125 steel framework. Both the spring perch/Watts arm mounting plate and the axle mount are constructed of 1/8 and 1/4 inch steel. All hardware is machine grade, grade 5 and grade 8. The F2S Watts Link requires drilling but no welding and can be installed on cars with standard or staggered shocks and fits both 8 inch and 9 inch housings. Installation can be completed by the average enthusiast in four to six hours. Most over-the-axle dual exhaust systems will need to be modified to fit. Finally, a true watts link that fits, requires no welding and makes a serious difference in how your vintage Mustang chassis deals with cornering and braking loads. Because the F2S Watts Link will make a dramatic difference in the control and feel of all Mustangs and Cougars, it is perfect for street cars, track day cars and all out racers. Call us today to ask questions, discuss your application and place your order.

Please contact Jim Fay at 920.279.0875 8 am to 8 pm Central Time or visit
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Review Date: 5/5/2005 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $595.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Ease of installation, first rate quality of product, great price (compared to competitors) & it works as advertised!
Cons: None to speak of (Had to modify exhaust but I figured that in to begin with)

Over the past 12 months I have been looking for a watts link / panhard bar system for an early Mustang (1964-1973). I looked into the Griggs unit, the Maier panhard bar and also saw that Evolution was looking to get into the early Mustang watts link arena but decided to purchase the Fays2 watts link after visiting with their tech department. They answered all questions that I had about the product and install and relieved any anxieties that I had going into my project. I was one of the first customers to purchase a Fays2 watts link (purchased Jan. 05) since their entry into the market.

The install was not complicated at all and the instructions were straight forward with pictures to guide you along the way. When unpacking the parts you can see that all aspects of the watts link were engineered with an emphasis on heavy duty parts! The instructions say that you should plan on 4-6 hours for the install and that was about right. You should plan on removing your gas tank (or fuel cell if a race car) if you want to make the install go better. Since I run stock style dual exhaust I needed to cut the tailpipes at the muffler to make room for the watts frame to go in. These were later reconfigured around/thru the watts link when I finished the install. I have a 2 post lift in my shop which made the install easier than on the ground so if you don\'t have access to a lift I would plan on putting the rear of the car up on ramps to complete the install.

First of all the car I put this in is a 1970 Mustang Fastback (Boss 351 Clone). I have made prior suspension modifications to the car which include Global West upper/lower control arms, GW subframe connectors, front & rear springs, Flaming River steering box, Pro Motorsports bump steer kit / shock tower reinforcement kit / eccentric eliminator kit, Wildwood 4 piston fronts and rear disc setup to name a few of the changes. Becuase I live in Montana there are not any road courses close by (Seattle at 670 miles is closest) so, while I have the car set up to compete at open track events, I use the car primarily on the street. About 3 times per year I get the car to an open track event and had the opportunity to run the car in February at the Shelby event in Las Vegas with the new Fays2 watts link installed.

While at the track I decided to run the car with the watts bars hooked up during the morning sessions and unhooked during the afternoon sessions. What a difference between the sessions! With the watts link hooked up the car was much more stable under braking as I entered corners, it was flatter thru the corner and, most noticeably, I was able to accelerate out of the corner much earlier. There was a photographer at the track and I had a chance to look at pictures of the car (comparing morning and afternoon session pictures) and saw a big difference in body lean especially at the rearend of the car in the pictures. My prior open track experience was at Road America (Aug. 04) without the watts link and driving it with the link at the Vegas road course was a night and day difference!

As I mentioned earlier my primary use for the car is on the streets/roads of Montana. I was initially leary of making such an upgrade on a car driven primarily on the street. Now that the weather is nicer here and I\'ve been able to take the car out, those same improvements that I\'ve mentioned as part of my on track experience, are still felt on the street. While I don\'t \"push\" the car on the street like I would at the track I have noticed that the car is much more substantial as far as body roll and roll center is concerned. Of all the suspension modifications that I\'ve made to date the Fays2 has had the most immediate \"seat of the pants\" impact. I would tell you that any 65-73 Mustang (or Cougar for that matter) would benefit (from a stability standpoint) from this watts link.

Overall I would rate this product as an excellent buy especially at $595.00. If anyone would like to contact me personally about my experiences with the Fays2 watts link you can e-mail me at
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