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KB 99-04 IRS Cobra Tubular K-Member for 4.6L Mustangs by Kenny Brown
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Description: Kenny Brown Engineered and Manufactured Tubular 'fixed Strut' Advanced Geometry Front Suspension Module. Benefits include: Improved Roll Center, Increased 'Anti-Dive, Stabilized Toe Curve, Reduced Roll Center, Improved Camber Curve, and Maximized Contact Patch. The Kenny Brown Tubular 'Fixed Strut' Front Suspension Module features: Weight Reduction of over 40lbs from OEM Mustang/Cobra Units while improving Weight Distribution by Adding One inch Forward to Wheelbase. Available in Street and Competition Geometry's. SN-95 based mustangs (96-03)Coil over Conversion and Tubular Control Arms required. Must Relocate Oil Filter on 4.6L DOHC.
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