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1986 - 1993 Strut Tower Brace by Maier Racing
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Description: In the past 40 or so years Maier has been tuning and tweaking their chassis to better handle the demanding cornering encountered on the track. In doing so, Maier Racing has learned that tightening the chassis up enables the driver to more precisely interpret the movement of the automobile, giving the driver more confidence on the vehicle during high-speed transitions. With this in mind, what makes Maier Racing Strut Tower Braces better than the rest?

* Maier Racing implements the most triangulation possible with the least amount of structural bends for optimal strength without sacrificing weight
* Maier Racing Strut Tower Braces support over large areas since unibodies are designed to spread loads. So we manufacture our brace to match and better the original unibody intensions
* Maier Racing supports the problem area, chassis and suspension mounting points, not the point around or in the general vicinity of
* All parts are finished with quality black powder coating Maier Racing utilizes specific high grade metal in high load areas for maximum stress resistance

Part No. MS3200

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