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1979 - 1993 Roll Bars by Maximum Motorsports
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Description: The Maximum Motorsports roll bar conforms to the NHRA’s rules when installed according to Maximum Motorsports directions. The rear braces initially bolt to the main hoop in a manner which holds them in the correct position so the required welding can be done outside of your car. This means you won’t need to strip your cars’ interior!

The 6-point roll bar design includes three significant features:

* 1-3/4” x 0.134” wall DOM seamless tubing (much stronger than the commonly used ERW seamed tubing).
* A horizontal cross bar for shoulder harness attachment and seat back reinforcement.
* Contour-hugging 6” x 6” mounting pads with backup plates, better than any you’ve seen.

The MM roll bar design provides two additional benefits – easy access to the passenger compartment and a usable back seat.

* The front seats are accessed using bolt-in or swing-out door bars. While both bars attach to the main hoop, the swing-out door bars pivot outward parallel with the doors for and easy entry. They can also be completely removed from the car in a matter of seconds!
* Unlike other roll bars, the rear braces mount to the rear inner wheel well, leaving space for the back seat.
* The harness brace bar is available as bolt-in for easy removal (not NHRA legal).
* MM now have a 4-point roll bar available for convertibles (not NHRA legal).

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