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G-Trac Stage 2 by Steeda
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Description: Steeda's G-Trac Suspension Systems include everything needed to build an awesome handling car with excellent street manners. Steeda designed these parts using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and the experience gained from years at the racetrack. Each stage provides an outstanding improvement in performance and a well balanced car in an affordable package.

# Stage 2 picks up where stage 1 leaves off, with major improvements in control and stability. Tokico shocks give outstanding control of wheel motion, increasing cornering grip and improving ride quality. Five adjustment positions allow tuning of understeer and oversteer, as well as ride comfort.
# Heavy Duty Reinforced Upper Rear control arms with improved bushings improve traction, stability, and are especially good at getting rid of unwanted "wiggle" and side to side travel in the rear end.
# Our exclusive Adjustable Rear Swaybar keeps the car flat during corners, eliminates understeer, and increases maximum cornering speed. It's easy to adjust, so you can tune the bar to match your driving style. And if you add more suspension modifications later, all it takes is a simple adjustment of the rear bar to re-tune the suspension for a well balanced car.
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