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GTech Pro Competition by TESLA Electronics
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Description: GTECH/Pro Competition is an exciting new unit from Tesla Electronics. This unit can now measure complete G's, horsepower and torque in detailed graphs. Graphs can be download to your PC for further review. Using DSP technology, the GTech/Pro Comp can sense RPM through the cigarette adapter. You can preprogram your redline to activate its built-in shift light LEDs. The unit also has intelligent shift light which can activate the shift light at the optimum rpm after it learn the engine's power curve. The unit is an excellent tool for tuning any car, or seeing how much power gain a new part will give you.

The all new G-TECH/Pro Performance Meter is a cutting edge tuning tool designed to make a professional test driver out of you. It measures all performance characteristics of your car in a matter of minutes with absolutely no installation or wiring. It will give you all the answers you always wanted before and after your modifications.
At the heart of G-TECH/Pro is a precision 3-axis accelerometer, a sensor that measures acceleration also known as G-Force. G-Force is what's keeping you in your seat and if it wasn't for that seat you would be accelerating to the ground at 1 G (32 feet per second per second).

Acceleration is measured in Gs and is one of the key things the G-TECH/Pro COMPETITION is measuring. You can see this when you position the unit horizontally, it will show 0.00G's on the X acceleration bar. If you position it vertically it will show 1.00G's.

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Review Date: 9/9/2003 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $250.00 | Rating: 5 

Pros: Consistent, and pretty accurate
Cons: Not easy to use, takes a lot of practice to get consistent results

This is an excelent product too keep track on how mods change your HP and 1/4 mile times.
But it is not exactly foolproof, it is hard to get accurate results.

The road has to be LEVEL and you need the exact weight of your car, both variables have great effects on the results.
Only when i started using it in a nice leveled stretch of road did i get consistent data.
But there are also some "tricks" you need to know..the best 1/4 mile times dont give the best HP numbers. You need to read the manual to perform both tests with different techniques.

I think its a very handy device, but cant compare to a Dyno. Thats because HP numbers on the GTech pro are affected by wheel spin, temp, altitude, humidity and drag.

So HP numbers can be thought as "REAL" Wheel Horsepower. Not a bad thing but numbers wont match and will be lower than on a dyno.

Rob Hernandez, AFM co-Founder.
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