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Catalog of Mustang ID Numbers 1964 1/2-93
posted by AFM Staff

Catalog of Mustang ID Numbers 1964 1/2-93 Cars & Parts Magazine Matching Numbers Series. Deciphering trim codes, verifying vehicle identification numbers (VIN), interpre ...
4514 None No reviews
Ford Mustang Buyers And Restoration Guide
posted by AFM Staff

Ford Mustang Buyer's And Restoration Guide It may be the most collected muscle car in history. The Ford Mustang captured the hearts and minds of the American public in 1964 w ...
4139 None No reviews
Ford Mustang 1964-1/2 To 1973
posted by AFM Staff

Ford Mustang 1964-1/2 To 1973 - Musclecar Tech Designed for the Mustang restorer and model car builder alike, this book gives vintage Mustang enthusiasts the detailed informa ...
4004 None No reviews
Mustang 1964 1/2-1973
posted by AFM Staff

Mustang 1964 1/2-1973 The best picture book of classic Mustangs. The period covered in this colourful photohistory represents the most collectable Mustang model years. Mod ...
3476 None No reviews
Ultimate Mustang
posted by AFM Staff

Ultimate Mustang A celebration of America's beloved Pony Car, from its splash debut to the sophisticated seventh generation. No sports car has ever captured the heart of the ...
5018 None No reviews
Mustang Forty Years
posted by AFM Staff

Mustang Forty Years Ford's Mustang, launched on April 17, 1964, became the Official Car of the Baby Boom. It was a fortuitous accident of timing and a brilliant result of pro ...
3149 None No reviews
3" System 3" Tips 96-04 GT & 96-98 Cobra TK9634 by Mac
posted by AFM Staff

Description: 3" Stainless Steel Tips!! All MAC 3" systems fit to stock catalytic or any MAC off-road H-pipe or Pro Chamber Black Rust Resistant Coating
8296 9.00 2 reviews
Rolling Shop Battery Charger by Schauer Battery Chargers
posted by AFM Staff

Professional Series Charger - 6 or 12 Volt Automatic Battery Charger Part #: FC40 - 40 Amp or 2 Amp - with 225Amp Jump/Cranking Start A charger for the Professional or ...
11954 10.00 1 reviews
2005 - 2006 Mustang California Dream Ram Air Hood by RK Sport
posted by AFM Staff

RK Sport engineers designed the California Dream Hood to follow the base lines of the 2005 Mustang hood. The Hood is functional bringing fresh, cool air directly into the inl ...
3024 None No reviews
1964 - 1966 Mustang Underdash Air Conditioning System by Hot Rod Air
posted by AFM Staff

An affordable way to add air conditioning to your classic Mustang! The new Complete Underdash Air Conditioning System from Hot Rod Air is a great way to add climate control to ...
15820 None No reviews
2005 - 2006 Mustang Billet Carbon Fiber Strut Tower Brace by Niche Performance Industries
posted by AFM Staff

The Niche Performance Industries Billet Carbon Fiber Strut Tower Brace incorporates precision CNC machined 6061 aluminum billet ends. The brace itself has been designed with a ...
6755 None No reviews
Chrome Halon Fire Extinguisher by H3R
posted by AFM Staff

The FAA requires halon fire extinguishers on all commercial aircraft. Shouldn't you get the same protection for your Ford Mustang? Halon leaves no residue, will not damage eng ...
10459 None No reviews
Trunk Mounted Tool Kit by Roush
posted by AFM Staff

A hallmark of the Roush Mustang is the trunk mounted tool kit. An excellent addition to any Mustang and handy for roadside emergencies. For more information visit www.roush ...
9397 None No reviews
2005 - 2006 Mustang Axle Back Exhaust by Roush
posted by AFM Staff

Give your Smokin’ Roush prepared Mustang a deep, throaty sounding growl. Boasting stainless steel construction throughout, this axle back exhaust delivers a unique look as wel ...
7584 None No reviews
2005 - 2006 Mustang Ultralite Full Cowl Induction Hood by Steeda
posted by AFM Staff

Steeda's new 2 step cowl induction hood gives any and all 2005 and 2006 Mustangs a bold, muscular look. This lightweight competition hood features full cowl induction for redu ...
2667 10.00 1 reviews
2005 - 2006 Mustang GT ROUSHcharger by Roush Performance
posted by AFM Staff

RPP engineers have developed a Roots-type ROUSHcharger and companion aluminum intake manifold that generates approximately 5 psi of boost. The package includes a large, free- ...
8631 None No reviews
1979 - 1993 Manual Brake Conversion Kit by Maximum Motorsports
posted by AFM Staff

Eliminate the problems associated with power-assisted brakes by installing MM's new Manual Brake Conversion Kit. While power-assisted brakes are great for a street car, they c ...
9075 5.00 1 reviews
1979 - 1993 Roll Bars by Maximum Motorsports
posted by AFM Staff

The Maximum Motorsports roll bar conforms to the NHRA’s rules when installed according to Maximum Motorsports directions. The rear braces initially bolt to the main hoop in ...
6488 None No reviews
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