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This article provides tip on how to paint your Mustang.


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Well, we hoped to get you more detailed pics of the primer, paint application, polishing and assembly but we just didn't had enough time to take pics of the whole process, but anyway we would at least try to write a bit about it.

After the car was completely striped the body shop removed the old paint using a very tough paint remover. The remover takes about 1 hour to dissolve most of the paint and primer. Once it's soft enough it can be removed with a scraper.

After this the body was sanded with an orbital sander, all imperfections like dings were checked and repaired. On the Raptor only minor ones were present on the drivers' side door and fender.

When all repairs were done it was time to wet sand all the body parts by hand, this is recommended to make sure all surfaces are smooth enough. The shop applied a thin coat of black enamel to check imperfections and correct if needed.


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