No Airbox with K&N Filter

Needed parts:
  • (1) 3" Flexible hose
  • (2) 3" Stainless steel hose fasteners
  • (1) Cutter knife
  • (2) 4" to 3" PVC plumbing adapters/reducers
  • (1) 4" x 4" Aluminum sheet, 3mm thick
  • (1) K&N conical filter (not a stock K&N replacement)

1) Remove the air box and hoses.
2) Disassemble the airbox and remove the MAF and screen.
3) Take a 4" to 3" reducer and cut the 4" ring, leave the base intact.
4) Cut a 3.5" hole off the Aluminum sheet.
5) Drill 4 holes in the sheet, use the MAF to create a paper guide.
6) Assemble as shown on the picture.


* I placed the MAF mesh screen between the MAF and 4 to 3" adapter, it helps create a tight seal and straightens the air flow. It is not a good idea to remove it since it also provides extra protection against large objects getting inside the engine.