Will We See More GT350R-Cs This Year?

y6d17YBImage: IMSA

Probably, if you believe Jeff Mishtawy, Senior Technical Manager of the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge

Over the weekend Mishtawy had some interesting things to say when he spoke with Gary Horrocks of DailySportscar

“We know that there will be six factory built cars in addition to the CJ Wilson entry (below) as well as one or possibly two more customer built Caymans coming into the series at some point. We also know that there are teams looking at purchasing the Mustang GT-350. We have a new team entering one here (Compass 360) and fully expect more of these too once the cars are available.”

“We were quite pleased with the process of working with Ford to approve the GT-350 for competition. It was a good illustration of partnering together for the good of the series and coming up with a package perfectly fit in the series regulations.”

With Larry Holt of Multimatic adding: “I have faith in what IMSA is trying to accomplish here. It isn’t an easy task, but I believe the right people are in place to help move this series forward and we will be supportive of what they are doing.”

Which is good to hear considering Multimatic is the sole supplier of GT-350R-Cs.


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