Throwback Thursday: That Time Kenny Brack Drove Adrian Newey’s GT40 Like a Rally Car

Let’s be honest, Kenny Brack is a crazy person.

He survived one of racing’s largest accidents, a 214g crash in an IndyCar at Texas Motor Speedway, and finds it funny.

He also finds cold and wet conditions in a vintage race car riding on equally vintage cross-ply tires good for a giggle.

Ride along with Kenny for 4 minutes of his absolutely mental drive to victory during Goodwood’s 2013 Whitsun Trophy. The car he’s abusing actually belongs to famed Formula One Engineer Adrian Newey, who had this to say about Brack after he brought home the GT40 in one piece:

“Watching Kenny in the wet, then he can only be Scandinavian… He spent his childhood divided between making stills to produce what I am sure was a fine line of Moonshine , or Swedish white wine, and driving cars on frozen lakes. I guess one or both of these childhood experiences allows him to do things in a car that the rest of us can only marvel at.”

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