When Will We See S550 Mustangs in the Pirelli World Challenge?

s550 PWC

It would seem sooner rather than later…

After the opening round at COTA a friend of ours alerted us that the KohR Motorsports/Roush Road Racing team was evaluating the S550 Mustang for use in the Pirelli World Challenge.

A couple posts on Facebook earlier today and the rumor looks to be true, with team principal Dean Martin posting a picture of one lime green S550 alongside Nate Stacy’s lime green No.14 Boss 302 Mustang.


And if that’s not enough KohR Motorsports wished us all a Happy St.Patrick’s day using the same lime green racing Mustangs. If the roll cage and GT wing aren’t dead giveaways I don’t know what is.

We’ve reached out to Roush, Ford and KohR Motorsports for comment. Roush said they would rather wait for Ford to make an announcement, so we asked Ford who came back with “no comment.”

Luckily Dean Martin gave us a glimmer of hope, saying he was heading down to Sebring to hopefully finalize some of the details, once that was wrapped up he could let us know when and where we’re going to see the S550 running in Roush colors.

So for now just know, they’re coming…

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