What the Ford GT Drivers Said About Sebring


The No.66 crashed early as the rain fell, while the No.67 just barely missed the podium, losing out with less than 10 minutes left- more importantly, both cars survived the reliability wringer that is the 12 Hours of Sebring. 

Here’s what the drivers had to say: 

No. 67 Ford GT (Richard Westbrook/Ryan Briscoe/Scott Dixon)

RICHARD WESTBROOK: “It’s night and day, compared to Daytona. It’s really good for all the guys on the team to have a good, cleanish race. I had no car issues. We’ve learned a hell of a lot. I think we have a long list of stuff we can improve on. In Daytona, we weren’t really racing people. We were too many laps down. Now we’re on the lead lap and we’re racing people. We know where we’ve got to improve now. Time’s not on our side, but the will is definitely there and I’m with the best team out there, so we’ll get it.”

SCOTT DIXON: “Conditions were very mixed. We had lots of rain, and obviously a red flag, too. I think the car performed well. We got to the end, which was the main objective. I think the car had signs of good speed, strategy I think we missed a little bit, but obviously good progress since Daytona. Everything’s moving the right direction.”

RYAN BRISCOE: “We fought all day long. We finished on the lead lap. We were fighting. We still have a pretty good list of things to go through to make better, but it was a really good day for us. It was exactly what we wanted to accomplish. Obviously, we wanted to go for the win, but big steps from Daytona and exactly what we needed on a demanding track in demanding conditions today. Everyone did a great job. Really, really positive day for our second race with the car.”

No. 66 Ford GT (Joey Hand/Dirk Müller/Sébastien Bourdais)

SÉBASTIEN BOURDAIS: “It could have been a really good day. The car was pretty fast and consistent…It was a good experiment race for us, got more miles on the car and getting ready for the big one (Le Mans).”

DIRK MÜLLER: “After the 24-hour race (Rolex 24 At Daytona), we went straight into a 12-hour race. We had a pretty good race going on. We were really conservative in the beginning and just stayed out of trouble. Everything was really running smooth. I was really strong in the rain. I was really impressed with the car. We got a little unfortunate break. It just went too long (under a green flag) when it was not drivable anymore (due to the volume of rain falling and puddling on the race track surface). Finally, I just hydroplaned off of Turn 1. I had no chance to do anything there. You could see how good the car was. We only lost a couple of laps. We got unlucky because just after (my accident), we got a red flag. It was just a few seconds too late. After that, everything was fine. Everybody did a good job. The whole team did a good job. We’re learning, step-by-step, and we’re coming back even stronger.”

JOEY HAND: “It was tough luck. It was a bummer. From (Dirk’s accident), we just did what this team does and adapted. When we get into a situation, these guys just know how to make it happen. Luckily we got a red flag after Dirk’s incident, and even though the guys couldn’t work on it (under a red flag), they got a look at it and were able to prepare everything we needed. They got the car back together in 15 minutes, 32 seconds, from start to rolling out of the tent. I think it’s just a testament to this program, these guys know it. Maybe everybody else doesn’t know how good these guys are, but I know how good they are. That’s why I’m so proud to be part of this Ford Chip Ganassi Racing team. After that, we went racing today…and after we came back, we ran flawlessly. I think all in all, it was a pretty good day for us with what we’re looking forward to, which is Le Mans.”

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