The Shelby GT350R Takes on the BMW M2 in SoCal


Top Gear Magazine put on this intercontinental arm wrestle between the furious GT350R and the calm and calculated BMW M2. 

Both cars feature vastly different ethos, however their pricing and prowess on a hot lap mean the two converge like drivers fighting for the apex. The TG team takes the pair along the Maricope Highway, recognized as one of the best driving roads in the country.

So how do the two stack? Well for one TG says “It feels a bit like sending a bespectacled German academic into the ring with a corn-fed UFC fighter,” but that’s not entirely fair– both cars are 2016 Top Gear award winners.

Once again it’s the sound that stirs the soul first:

“A muscle car should be loud. The louder the better, in fact, and I’m not overdoing it when I say the Mustang GT350R makes the greatest racket I’ve heard in ages. A resonating warble with a rasping metallic edge that physically distorts space-time. Great bubbles of sound pour out of the quad exhausts, and you don’t have to be in the upper reaches to unlock it.”

And after that, the little Bimmer never had a shot:

“It’s not that the M2 is dull or undercooked in any way, it’s just that the Mustang is so outrageous in its approach to, well, everything – more noise, more speed, more wing, more cheese on that?”

Ultimately I think this one sentance perfectly sums up the Shelby GT350R: “Despite the physicality of it, it’s an addictive onslaught. Not once do I climb out of the GT350R without puffing my cheeks out in disbelief, a wide-eyed grin plastered across my face.”

That’s what 8,000 plus rpm will do to you.

Head on over to Top Gear for the full read, it’s well worth your time.


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