5 Things About the EcoBoost Mustang I Just Fell in Love With


Earlier this afternoon I became the proud borrower of a beautiful blue 2016 EcoBoost Mustang Convertible– of course it’s a six-speed…

We’re hanging out at the Pirelli World Challenge races just outside Toronto this weekend and figured why not travel in style. So having driven it for an hour and a half– highway speeding mixed with downtown gridlock– I’ve already fallen in love with a few things:

Rich Red Leather Lipstick


It’s gorgeous and I love it, OK?

Pop the top and show those beautiful buckets off in 10 seconds or less– it depends how quick you are on the latch draw.

The seats are supportive and cosseting, but not in an overbearing way like some people feel about the Recaros. Not to mention the tasty contrast the Red Line interior creates, top down, mingling with the silky Deep Impact Blue exterior hue.

One of the Cool Kids


Speaking of bucket seats, these ones are ventilated.

It’s not crazy hot here today, but it is hot enough to give you that little bit of back sweat while driving– you know what I’m talking about, when shirt, skin and leather all stick together.

Well that didn’t happen.

With the top up I didn’t even want A/C, hit the switch, windows half cocked. OK let’s go.

Tunes Bro


Music is crucial to the driving experience and quite frankly I’m surprised more pro drivers haven’t asked their teams to pump in one of the better renditions of Jerry Garcia playing Mystery Train over the radio for rhythmic purposes.

But I digress.

The optional Shaker sound system offers up a nice deep bass even at low volumes and as you turn it up to somewhere mid-dial, whatever little road noise there is quickly disappears.

Quietly Pleasing Engine


The 2.3L EcoBoost is the quiet guy at the bar– making no sounds until it’s time to get up and unleash the energy of his flying fist in the direction of whatever agitator has pushed his button.

Ford’s hottest 4 pot fits the description to the letter. Downtown and shifting around 2 grand you hardly even know it’s there, especially with the music going. And on the highway doing 120 Canadian (75 mph) you realize that you really don’t miss the droning of a big V8.

That’s not to say you can’t hear the little guy– kick it down a bit and let the revs climb into the torque and it will certainly make you smile.

Sure the stock exhaust is kinda quiet, but that’s part of the appeal, it’s not a MUSCLE CAR, it’s a sports coupe.

Sprung So Well


Having driven a V6 Camaro just a few weeks ago I was already wincing thinking about the bumps and bruises I was going to take, not only on the mean broken streets of Toronto, but also the city’s aging Gardiner Expressway and perpetually under construction highway network.

Pleasantly I was surprised.

The Mustang floats and soaks–I mean that as a compliment– who wants those nasty jolts over broken pieces of tarmac at highway speeds? We’ll see how it handles some of the fun stuff when we hit the back roads over the weekend.

Bonus points for ride height as well, it was perfect meandering the back alley to my driveway. 

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