Ford Confirms Four-Car Le Mans Effort Through 2019


We already knew FoMoCo had committed to the Ford GT program until at least 2019, today Ford confirms the trend will continue at Le Mans as well. 

Ford Performance global director Dave Pericak told Sportscar365 the American auto giant will continue to submit four entry requests for the life of the program.

“I would love to come back next year with four cars for Le Mans,” Pericak said.

“As you know, two of them have to be invited in, so we will make our intention known that we would love to see all four cars return again, but that will be up to the sanctioning body.”

Three cars are guaranteed to compete next year, the two full season WEC entries are automatically included, while the IMSA-based No.68 Ford GT will be back next year courtesy of its GTE-Pro class victory at the French Endurance Classic.

The things that I think people will recognize [are]; yes we conquered the race this year and that was fantastic; there’s a championship that we’d love to win; and wouldn’t it be great to come back and win Le Mans more than once? We’re committed to this for four years,” he continued.

Pericak also said provisions are already in place to run a four-car program at Le Mans for the next three seasons.

For the time being Chip Ganassi Racing hasn’t been confirmed to operate the team for 2018 or 2019, but Pericak doesn’t expect anything to change.

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