Ford Dealership Selling Mustangs Capable of 1,200 HP for $50,000


Have you ever really wanted to buy a 1,000-horsepower car but balked at the astronomical price tag associated with four-digit performance? 

Well, there’s a Ford dealership in Ohio ready to satisfy all your horsepower hankerings with a brand new Mustang GT capable of churning out an absurd 1,200-hp thanks to a pair of bolt-on turbos and a few other choice modifications.

To build these monsters, Lebanon Ford takes a new Mustang GT of your choosing and hits it with a kit provided by Hellion Power Systems; including a pair of 62mm turbos, Turbosmart VEE port bypass valves, a vertical flow dual inlet intercooler, and a new a cat-back exhaust.

Pricing starts at $44,499, which includes labor and the base 5.0-liter Mustang.


The turbos can be adjusted to provide anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds of boost, but the shop says you’ll need to change the wastegate spring or add a boost controller to do that. With 5 psi on tap, the car kicks out 550-horsepower at the rear wheels.

But to unhook the swarm of speed the package is capable of delivering, Lebanon recommends you add a new fuel pump voltage booster, fuel injectors, halfshafts, and oil pump gears for an extra five grand.

The shop also recommends a chat with one of their Performace Specialists about the extra upgrades necessary to support 1,200-horspower, reliably.

You might remember Lebanon Ford as the same folks who sell a range of Roush supercharged Mustangs for a mere $40,000–but unlike the shop’s previous packages which carried a three-year warranty from Roush, the new twin-turbo kit carries no such assurances.

A bit risky, sure, but what did you expect for 1,200-horsepower on the cheap?

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