1968 Mustang Vintage Racer Tackles the ‘Ring


Of course, a contemporary hypercar can easily set a blistering lap around the Nürburgring race track. They’ve got modern engineering, modern suspensions, and modern engines. Even the steel in them is high tech, not to mention the high strength aluminum or carbon fiber. But what about vintage American iron?

Check out this video of American Muscle Motorsports’ 1968 Mustang. It’s built to FIA’s Appendix K rules. That’s the set of rules that covers vintage and historic racers and makes sure they’re close to the way they were when they first raced.

This Mustang is built as a Trans AM racer, so it’s a classic American Touring Car. It’s got a 302 cubic inch V8 making 425 hp and sending it to the ground through a four-speed manual gearbox. It sounds like an absolute monster, with the transmission screaming and the engine roaring.

Forget the wrist flicks and A/C of a McLaren or Porsche, this driver’s getting a workout, brutally forcing the car around turns and absolutely smashing through the gearbox. Listen closely in a few places and you’ll hear the laugh of someone who knows they just barely dodged a trip into the wall.

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