This Mustang Will Blow Your Mind With Badness

Sometimes a bad ad for a strange car is easy to laugh at. But sometimes, you just don’t know where to start. And this 1988 Mustang (are they sure?) is definitely the second one.

The seller says they’ve never found another one like it, and we believe him. It’s a 1988 5.0 Mustang, and we think it’s a GT from the taillights, but with this much fiberglass, who knows. We do know that it has a widebody kit that makes it look like the bastard child of a 10th-gen Thunderbird, an R129 Mercedes SL, and a late model dirt track car. That’s from the front, side, and rear, respectively

There are aero bits everywhere. Like the massive fake hood scoops, and the huge wheel well extractor vents, and the going-nowhere vents to the rear wheels. And check out the side mirrors!

How many other cars have fenders that stick out wider than the mirrors? Only the best ones, am-I-right. 

It’s also got hood pins, because of course it does. 

The same company that made this kit also seems to have built one for the T-Bird. We hope you got a discount on that one, though, because the nose is just about the same.

Oh, and that convertible top? Nope, it’s a landeau top. We’re not sure if you can actually see out the rear window, either, thanks to that sizeably distasteful spoiler.

To the owner’s credit, though, the car does at least have wheels that mostly fill the arches. It’s hardly stanced, but three inch deep wheels are the big downfall to lots of these strange widebody kits.

If you’re the reader who clicks this and likes it, then we’ve got good news. It’s for sale! You can bring it home and make it yours.

But please don’t…


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