Dealer Offering 1200 hp Potential Mustangs From $52k

Remember that 870 hp twin-turbo Mustang we showed you about a week ago? It used 108-octane gas and a Hellion twin-turbo kit to make that massive power figure along with 817 lb-ft of torque. And now you can buy one brand new at a Ford dealer.

Lebanon Ford made headlines a couple years back when they started selling 727 hp Roush supercharged Mustangs for less than $40 grand. Now they’re stepping up their offerings.

Lebanon Ford Performance, in Lebanon, Ohio, is offering 2018 Hellion Mustangs starting from just $51,995. They sold the kit on the 2017 model, but it’s now available for the revised 2018 Mustang GT’s V8.

It starts with a base 2018 Mustang GT fastback. Then the LFP Hellion twin-turbo kit is installed. The kit adds two 62mm turbos, two wastegates, a massive intercooler, 1000cc fuel injectors, an upgraded oil pump, Driveshaft Shop halfshafts, and a custom tune.

The base car makes 7 psi of boost. LFP says that’s enough for between 660 and 700 rear wheel horsepower, over 800 at the crank. But with wastegate changes and fuel system upgrades, LFP says the kit can handle 30 lbs of boost and make power north of 1,200 hp at the wheels.

Unlike the Roush kits, the Hellion twin-turbo kit does not come with a full warranty. But that’s the price for doubling horsepower.

Lebanon Ford Performance says that its 2018 motto is “Pick your Power.” And the only choices are “lots” and “even more.”

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