Watch: That Barn-Find Cobra Sold for $950,000

Back in January, Hagerty published a video from a condemned garage. In the garage was a collection of cars, including a Ferrari 275 GT Long Nose and a ’67 427 Shelby Cobra with just 19 miles on the dial.

Since finding them, the show helped get them out of the garage and now both cars have crossed the auction block and been sold at Gooding and Company’s Amelia Island auction with the Ferrari going for $2.3 million and the Cobra selling for $950,000.

Watching the video, it’s easy to be awed by the prices these cars sell for, especially given their condition. Although both run, the Ferrari nearly went off the end of the block because it had no brakes. My truck has no brakes and all I get is a bill.

These cars, once they’ve had some soapy water and a vacuum passed over them, will likely sell for a whole lot more, especially given how original they are. So think of them as an investment.

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