Watch: The Model A vs Model T Drag Race We All Richly Deserve

Look, life is hard right now. There’s dissent at the highest ranks, the world is literally on fire in many places, and navigating it all is hard. You’ve been doing alright. You haven’t been overtly mean to anyone in, like, 8 months (and even then, they really deserved it). Essentially, you’ve been good. We all have. We’ve earned some easy, uncomplicated fun.

So here you go. Here’s a joyful drag race between a Ford Model A and a Ford Model T. Not only is it a fascinating tour through Ford’s early hits, the race is a surprisingly close one, too. And it’s a hilarious sign of life from something that could easily not show those signs anymore. It’s like watching people racing those mobility scooters. It’s heartwarming fun.

Just excuse the hideous name of the channel that uploaded it.


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