First GT 500 Prototype Found in a Texas Field, Now Help Needed to Restore it.

It’s been a big year for the resurrection of lost Mustangs. First both cars from the film Bullitt, and now this. It’s the first Mustang Shelby GT 500, and now it’s been found. And the people who unravelled its history are trying to fill in some more blanks.

The car, known as Little Red was one of the first Mustangs to house a 428 big block. It started off as a 1967 experimental engineering car, it spent some time with Carroll Shelby, and then it disappeared.

The car was thought to have been crushed in the early 1970s, but somehow it made it to a dealer in Colorado. From there it was driven until a radiator failure ended up with the engine being stolen. Then the car sat, in rural North Texas.

Until now. Craig Jackson, of auction company Barrett-Jackson, unveiled the car during the Woodward Dream Cruise last week. Jackson is trying to chase down the history of the car in an effort to restore it.

The car was in a constant state of flux, with different engines, transmissions, and allegedly even twin-turbos fitted at different times. On top of that, it saw body and feature tweaks to test them for production versions.

Once it’s restored, Little Red will sit alongside the Green Hornet, the car that Jackson had previously thought was the first experimental GT 500.

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