Ford Teases Mysterious Mustang Product in New Bryan Cranston Ad

Ford is talking about how much talking about the future sucks, by talking about how much they’re building the future. And building includes a glowing Mustang logo on the front of a mystery vehicle.

Car and Driver called it a “hybrid Mustang” arguing that the shot right before the mysterystang is of a V8 being blown apart and replaced by an electric motor. If there’s an electric motor in that shot, though, we can’t see it.

The shot before that before-shot, too, shows a Mach 1, which despite not being Ford’s electric-SUV-Mustang name anymore, does still feel like a shout out to it. We also think that the lack of a grille indicates that this is an EV, rather than a hybrid.

It’s also more in keeping with Ford’s communications right now. They’ve been engaged in a (slow) teaser campaign for the not-a-Mach-1 for some time now, so why not continue?

Giving Car and Driver some credence, though, is the fact that they’ve seen the Mach 1 (Ford showed it off to media way back in January) (our invitation got lost in the mail) so their guess of Mustang hybrid may be informed by this not looking like the Mach 1 they saw.

Whatever the case, we’re getting some deja vu from another series of ads about American industry and we can’t quite put our fingers on why…

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