Broken Shelby GT350H Found in a Garage

Looks like barn finds really do still turn up. Or in this case, garage finds.

It showed up on and just looking at this Mustang hertz a little bit. the finder says that it was located in the proverbial litle old lady’s garage, and it’s a Shelby. Not just any Shelby, though, one of the bonkers GT350H models, built for Hertz rental cars. The 1966 models with a 306 hp, 329 lb-ft 4.7L V8 that were either rented to race or rented to swap engines with a nefarious owner’s Thriftpower Six depending on who is telling the story.

It’s been parked for 30 years, according to the listing. Or more, since 30 years isn’t as far back as you think it is anymore. And those Goodyear WingFoot tires have seen many turns of the calendar. It appears to have been in a wreck, and the repair process never finished.

There wasn’t much info forthcoming from the poster. You need to keep these under wraps until they’re back in your own barn, after all. But with a good-condition GT350H selling in the $150,000 range, it’s definitely worth fixing up.

No word on if this particular garage was located in Pasadena.


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