Cincinnati Ford Dealer Builds 10-Second Nitrous-Equipped Mustang Drag Pack

Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati, Ohio, is building a fire-breathing Mustang. Or at least a nitrous-snorting one. The dealership claims that you can drive the car directly from the showroom to the drag strip and run a 10-second quarter.

It starts with a stock Ford Mustang GT with the 10-speed auto. Because no matter what you say, automatics are better for drag racing. Ok, they will build you a stick car if you want. Or a convertible, or whichever GT you want to start with. Then they add a Nitrous Outlet kit with remote bottle opener and wide-open throttle switch.

There’s a sneaky controller for the system and bottle heater that hides in a sunglass holder panel in the dash.

The suspension gets a Steeda Stop the Hop kit to keep the rear planted. Then 800 hp-rated half shafts and Viking adjustable shocks with drag racing-spec springs.

The Dark Star wheels are wrapped with Mickey Thompson Street SS tires in 305/45R17.

It’s called the BFP Drag Pak and it’s not the dealer’s first effort at a big power Mustang. They’re also a Roush Performance dealer. They’ve already offered 800 hp Mustangs for under $40k and a 725 hp F-150 for $37,995.

Now if only it wasn’t just 47° in Cincinnati today, because this one’s hotter than Skyline Chili.

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