Lincoln Continental Coach Door Photo Leaks Online

Coach Door Continental Spy Shot from r/lincolnmotorco

A photo of the Lincoln “Coach Door Continental” is being shared online ahead of its official unveiling. The Coach Door appears to prove that Lincoln was, indeed, working on a version of the Continental with suicide doors.

The photo was first shared to a private Facebook group and allegedly comes from a dealer meeting where the car was being shown.

Lincoln has been hinting that it might make a version of the Continental with suicide doors for some time now, and just yesterday it posted a photo of a mid-‘60s Continental’s doorhandles, with the cryptic caption “#TBT… or is it?” 

The term coach door is Rolls Royce’s preferred alternative to the more common “suicide door” and indicates that Lincoln is trying its darnedest to bouge up the Continental and go upmarket, like it did with the Navigator Black Label.

Lincoln naming this car the “Coach Door Continental” also implies that backwards hinged doors will be an option, not standard.

Expect to see this option come on the updated Continental, which is expected to go on sale in the first half of 2019.

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